Choosing Simple Forex Strategy that Works

Simple Forex strategy that works will surely help your trading activities more profitable. There are many Forex strategy that you can choose. But, not all of them are reliable. These unreliable strategies can cause loss on you. To avoid it, you must choose Forex strategy which has been proven to be trustworthy and reliable. 

Simple Forex Strategy that Works

Forex strategy choices

There is some popular simple Forex strategy that works. Many traders have tried them. And they said that it is reliable and trustworthy. Here are some of them.\

-                      Bladerunner Trade
-                      Forex Dual Stochastic Trade
-                      London Hammer Trade
-                      Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trade
-                      Bolly Band ounce Trade

simple forex strategy that works

How to choose automated Forex strategy

Some traders prefer automated Forex strategy to help them achieve success. There are many systems that a trader can choose. Most traders have to jump from one system to another before they find the best one which is suitable for their style. If you haven’t got the right one, you can use some of these considerations to choose the best Forex strategy.

-                      Strategy description

From the description, you will find out the essence of the Forex strategy. Read this description thoroughly before you sign up. There is several information you must look for in it. One of them is the type of market it is intended for. Different strategy is usually only suitable for certain market condition.  In this description, you must also find all the keywords. They are risk, trend, profit target, momentum, stop loss, breakout, range, and list to reward ratio.

-                      Entry and exit signals

It is important for traders to use the strategy related to entry and exit signal. All traders must understand all about this strategy. However, spend too much time to think about it can be stressing. To make things simpler, you can apply the automated strategy to review your trades.

To gain profit, you must choose a strategy which gives you higher winner average than loser average. To test it, put your winning trades in one basket and losing trades in another. You can also choose one which adds pips in the X trade basket. To test this, take a look at your 10 last trades in a basket and see the pips you get or loss.

-                      Leverage 

If you want to avoid big loss, you had better choose Forex strategy that offers you with less than 5 times leverage. If you want to perform more profitable but risky trading, choose higher than 5 times but less than 10 times leverage.
I hope this simple Forex strategy that works help you gain all Forex trading goals.